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We believe everyone has expertise and insights that can help others navigate the troubled waters of their lives.  The world is evolving so fast with technology that it’s hard to remember the days when we did not have a miniature computer in our pocket, bag, or hand every moment of the day.

The internet made looking for a job locally, nationally, and globally a task anyone could engage in and it is liberating. Then we became inundated by information via LinkedIn, job boards, headhunters, job aggregators, get-rich-quick schemes, and SPAM.

The connection between job seekers and companies that technology once made so seamless has become distorted. Career Catapults was born to make that connection easier, repeatable, and long-lasting for job seekers, employees, and employers.

This blog associated with our services is a culmination of our business expertise, personal challenges, and an insatiable desire to help people base on those experiences. 

The team at Career Catapults has been in the talent acquisition/recruiting field for 60 years and has been responsible for hiring 10,000 plus people and interviewing 20,000 plus people in that time.

We have reviewed over a million resumes and seen just about everything you can imagine.

We provide one on one services and information that will require one-time payments based on a person’s need. The goal is not revenue but revolutionizing how people get employed, stay employed, and create the skills to help others. 

Set up a free consulting session to investigate how we can help you catapult your career to the next level, next industry vertical, and next version of you.

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